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Peer-Reviewed Articles & Essays

(In progress) Martin, K.M. Speaking the Pain, Dressing the Wounds: Critical Pedagogy and Racial Literacy in First-Year Composition.


(In progress) Martin, K.M. Marasa leve: Sympathetic depictions of Vodou in the children’s literature of Langston Hughes and Edwidge Danticat.

(Forthcoming) Martin, K.M., Aponte, G., and García, O. (2019). Countering raciolinguistic ideologies: The role of translanguaging in educating bilingual children.

(R&R) Vetter, A., Schieble, M., and Martin, K.M. Teacher Talk Moves in Critical Conversations. Research in the Teaching of English.     


Martin, K.M. (2018). Translanguaging with Multilingual Students: Learning from Classroom Moments. New York State TESOL Journal, Vol. 5 (1), 64-65.


Martin, K.M. (2018). Forever three. Transition, 125, 104-118.  



(Forthcoming) CUNY New York State Initiative on Emergent Bilinguals. Translanguaging and Transformative Teaching for Emergent Bilingual Students: Lessons from the CUNY-NYSIEB Project. New York, NY: Routledge.

(In Press) Schieble, M., Vetter, A., and Martin, K.M. Critical Conversations: Classroom Talk for Social Change. New York, NY: Teachers College Press.


Martin, K. M. (2016). Saltwater rivers. Brooklyn, NY: Dimonet Connect Publishing.


Martin-Thelusca, K. (2014). I love myself,do you?/Mwen renmen tèt mwen, e wou menm? Brooklyn, NY: Dimonet Connect Publishing.


Martin-Thelusca, K. (2014). Saturday is my favorite day/ Samdi se jou mwen pi pito. Brooklyn, NY: Dimonet Connect Publishing.

Research Reports

Carpenter, K.F., Martin, K.M., and Oleander, L. (2018). Supporting emergent bilinguals with individualized education plans: Tips from CUNY-NYSIEB. CUNY New York State Initiative on Emergent Bilinguals.


Social Media

Martin, K. M. (2018, May 23). Legbatics: A Theory of African-Descended Hermeneutics.

Martin, K.M. (2018, January). Ph.D. Program in Urban Education: Professional Learning and Mentoring

Resources for Students and Faculty.


Martin, K.M. (2017, November 22). Commentary on Tatyana Kleyn’s ”Transborder Children and Youth (Back) in Mexico."


Martin, K.M. (2017, October 27). Apples, Peaches, and Mangoes: Showing Care & Being Aware for DACA.


Martin, K.M. (2017, September 30). Apples, Peaches, and Mangoes: Unpacking Language and Identity in Composition I.


Martin-Thelusca, K. (2016, January 31). Savannah creole. Cornbread and Cremasse: Where Haitian and American Cultures Meet.


Martin-Thelusca, K. (2015, November 13). From Cabaret to Malpasse: My Haitian literacy trip. Dimonet Connect Publishing.


Martin, K. (2004, September 19). Multilingualism in South Africa: The role of mother tongues in achieving social equity. Global Perspectives on Human Language: The South African Context.

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