Dissertation Research Study: 

Have you been a BAD (Black/African-Descendant) student at a"good" school? If so, let's chat! 

I am a BAD-ass alumna of two NYC independent schools--Grace Church School '95 and The Chapin School '99. I am also a Ph.D. candidate in Urban Education, and I could use YOUR help. My dissertation study is entitled, "Silent For Too Long": Voicing Experiences of Black/African-Descendant Middle School Students and Alumni/ae of NYC Independent Schools." It is approved by the CUNY-University Integrated Institutional Review Board, and the study file number is #2020-0471. 

Interested in joining me??? See below for Youth and Adult recruitment flyers and links for you to complete online screeners to verify that you are eligible. If you have any questions about the study, don't hesitate to contact me at KMartin1@gradcenter.cuny.edu.




Complete a Youth Screener and verify if you are eligible to participate. From there, I will send an email to you and your guardian with a link to an electronic assent form that includes more details about each activity in the study. 


Complete an Adult Screener.  From there, I will send an email to you with a link to an electronic consent form. If you agree to participate, we'll schedule a time for a one on one interview. 

Email: kahdeidra [at] gmail.com

Mobile: 347-722-5322

New York, NY